Unitrin Insurance misrepresented my account

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On the day my payment was due I called to share with Unitrin that my paycheck would post in my account at midnight.The representative was great.

He said that he would notate in my account that I was making a payment at midnight. I stayed up and did so. Two days later I received a cancelation of policy notice. I called to ask what happened and the representative read to me the notation with no explanation why it was canceled.

To add insult to injury I received less then half of the payment I made. In addition I noticed that they posted the payment for 2 days after the payment was sent when I have the original page showing when I made the payment.

This company is very unprofessional and there seems to be a lack of communication with the departments.

I would caution anyone from using this company no matter how competitive their rates seem to be.The true cost of doing business with this company is hidden under the surface.

Review about: Car Insurance.

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